Twixmas 2007

For months we'd been looking forward to our Eastbourne break. And of course we had a great time, except that it wasn't in Eastbourne!! Events overtook us on Boxing Day, with departure scheduled for next day.

Boxing Day started quietly enough for 1stSteps, all the planning, preparation and packing for the trip done well in advance and in anticipation of a relaxing day before the trip. Not to be..... Around 10am the hotel manager rang to say that someone in his Christmas bookings had infected the hotel with Noro-Virus, which is highly infectious. Most of his guests had gone down with it, and he really couldn't recommend bringing the party into that environment.

In November 07 I'd been to someone else's line-dance weekend where Noro-virus struck down almost everyone in the hotel. I was very ill for 3 days, then weak and drained for a further 10 days. Having heard my experiences, Stef had no wish to risk her dancers experiencing that.

So, two choices, with just 24hrs before departure - cancel and disappoint us all, or hunt out an alternative venue. On Boxing Day, remember.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Stef debated for about 5 seconds......

Then she and Vince started Googling and ringing around. It wasn't easy, but within hours they'd found a hotel in Bournemouth with enough rooms for our party - and, very important, a superb dance-floor.

While the hotel staff swung into action, ordering food and preparing bedrooms, Stef and Jane had to locate everyone in our party to tell them about the change of plans.

And, as if it had all been planned that way 6 months ago, we arrived in Bournemouth instead of Eastbourne.

Needless to say the weekend was superb. Good food, good company and good dancing, just as it always is.

With separate classes for beginners and improvers/intermediate, everyone was catered for. There were even party dances for those who hadn't danced before. With plenty of time for practice, we learned several brand new dances, and with 3 nights of social dancing there was plenty of time to brush up on all our old favourites.

The number of people who keep coming to these events shows how popular they are.

And it was great for us to welcome some "other halves" and some of the new faces from the recently started classes.

Thanks are always due to Stef and Vince for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to put on these twice-yearly events. But this time they really excelled themselves. Thanks also to the hotel for rallying round.

Do join us for our next weekend away. You can download a booking form on the Diary Dates page.
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