Does your mama

Dance Details

32 count 4 wall, beginner/improver
Choreographer: Stephanie Lindley
Danced to: Bright Side Of The Road by Van Morrison

Dance Script

R Point Side, R Touch, R Heel Forward, R Hook, R Step, Hold, L Touch, Hold
R toe point to R side, R touch next to L, R heel forward
R hook under L knee, R step next to L, hold
L touch next to R, hold

L Point Side, L Touch, L Heel Forward, L Hook, L Step, Hold, R Touch, Hold
L toe point to L side, L touch next to R, L heel forward
L hook under R knee, L step next to R, hold
R touch next to L, hold

R Chasse, Hold, L Chasse, Hold
R to R side, bring L to join, R to R side, hold
L to L side, bring R to join, L to L side, hold

3 x Runs Back, L Hitch, L 1/4 Turn, Hold, R Touch, Hold
Run back R, L, R
Hitch L
Stepping down on L turn 1/4 L, hold
R touch next to L, hold
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