Mike started Linedancing in 1999 when a work colleague said she went to a weekly class, and as his wife had previously mentioned she would like to try it, they both thought they would give it a go, and they were hooked!

The club eventually closed and they started to look for somewhere to dance close to Harrow.

Whilst visiting the May Fair at Headstone Park, they saw 1st Steps Linedance teaching people Linedancing and as they were having so much fun, they knew they had found the Club for them.

When Mike retired from his job, Stephanie suggested he teach for 1st Steps. Eventually after much training Mike started teaching basic dances for the first hour at some of the classes.

Our Eastbourne Linedance holiday was the first ‘public appearance’ which was enthusiastically received and on 3rd March 2009, 1st Steps opened a class for Mike to teach at in Hillingdon. The class opened with 20 people and all but 4 are still going, and the class has now doubled in size. Everyone has a fun time and it is most enjoyable to see the new friendships that are made and the steady improvement that the dancers achieve.
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